A Desert Oasis Of Submission’


Respect * Be Realistic * Fantasy Rich is the best

What happens at The Desert Manor, Stays Here

Something for nothing doesn’t exist


Anything Is Possible

Mistress Gweneth desires to be indulged and watch you indulge in your innermost desires and fantasies. Anything is possible within ethical and moral boundaries.



Safe words are always used, respected and nothing will happen without them. Boundaries shall always be discussed and respected.

Mistress Gweneth and any other assistants, will be spoken to respectfully and their time shall not be wasted.

Time is a precious commodity. Show up on time, leave on time and honor the time of everyone involved. Excessive texting, excessive emails, repetitive questions that have clearly been understood and answered are a disrespectful waste of time.

Mistress Gweneth knows that you are a needy and selfish slave. However, you may only serve her upon permission to enter The Desert Manor on her terms.

Hygiene is a priority. Arrive at The Desert Manor clean. Showers and cleansing products will be provided if freshness was not possible before your arrival.

Reality Check

Be Realistic

The Desert Manor is a fantasy scenario based place to visit. It is imperative that you are clear and concise in what you seek. Curiosity and first-time experiences are always welcome.

If you are inquisitive about experiences that may not be mentioned in the list of options, suggest them and respect that it may be a topic best described and discussed on the phone.

Demanding that Mistress Gweneth agree to perform illegal acts, which are not possible, in the state of California, is something that will not be tolerated. Laws vary between the USA and Europe. JetSetMistress.com may mention services which may be legal overseas but not in the USA.

Be intelligent and wise in your communications with The Desert Manor and it’s representatives. Foolishness and stupidity are unacceptable behaviors. Do not confuse this with a lack of knowledge regarding fantasy inquiries


Fantasy Rich

‘mistress i only want to please you’ means nothing. State what is on your mind, be specific, modest details are appreciated if you have a specific fantasy. The standard fantasies Mistress Gweneth indulges are Mistress/slave, Teacher/student, Boss/job applicant, MILF/Boy Next Door, Foot Worshipping, Kidnaping or blindfolded variations of the unknown.

Punishments should be clearly discussed before arrival and if physical marks may or may not be left upon your departure.


Discerning individuals are who Mistress Gweneth will allow into her space. Discretion is of the utmost importance. Boundaries shall be tested and experimentation will be done in a safe environment.

The laws of America make it a continuing battle to express personal freedom. Therefore, the personal freedoms of all who choose to enter The Desert Manor must be respected. Be cautious of who you choose to share your experience with upon departure from The Desert Manor.

The Desert Manor


Having an escape venue comes at a price. Mistress Gweneth will not accept anyone (regardless of how trustworthy you claim to be, because you are different, right?) without a financial deposit to enter her safe haven.

It secures your time slot or overnight accommodation. Additionally, it shows respect for Mistress Gweneth and will give her faith in your sense of honor. Desired attendees incapable of making a one time deposit shall be disregarded. (Fear a paper trail? Go to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and buy a gift card to make your deposit payment) Deposits may be made via Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Cleanliness, Bottled water, tools of pleasure all come at a cost. Overnight guests will be on a healthy diet during their stay. Your deposit secures the knowledge that you will show up and the costs of maintaining a quality experience are covered.