Sensuality is the core of my being.  It’s part of my sexuality, my play, my clothing style, and how I choose to live my life, as a poly woman. 

The Desert Manor is my personal oasis in Southern California.  It’s a judgement free place, for new friends and existing friends to relax and enjoy erotic interludes together. 

Since the lockdown, I have discontinued with organizing adult events. In the future, I may reconsider planning them, but for now, I am no longer considering them seriously. 

Gweneth Lee of The Desert Manor has organized grand events all over the world (London, The Netherlands, Shanghai). After 3 years of experience running the North American events for a British company, she has gone independent with ‘Gwen’s List’. The Gwen’s Lists events are private, invitation only, luxury, adult events held in NYC, The Hampton’s, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles, throughout the year. The attendees are well traveled, attractive couples and single women who have all been pre-screened.   Thank you for your patronage or newly developed interest in Gwen’s List. Gwen’s List events are attended by well travelled, attractive and successful couples and single women. The events are a safe and respectful environment for its attendees to flirt, have fun and enjoy the adult lifestyle discreetly. Currently, the events are exclusively in North America. Our ‘pop up parties’ are held in private residences or in Penthouse suites of 5 star hotels. All of the events have a fully stocked bar available and sell drinks once the entry doors are closed and the fun has begun. All of the attendees have been prescreened for appearance. (Nothing personal, but this is an adult event for attractive people. Our attendees are ethnically diverse, open minded and have a great attitude. Most importantly, our events are focused on female safety, female sexuality, female desire and with respect to her female expression of pleasure. Aggressive and disrespectful male behavior will not be tolerated. When men behave and allow the girls to be in control it’s a win-win for everyone.