Luxury is when it seems flawless


Sensuality is the core of my being.  It’s part of my sexuality, my play, my clothing style, and how I choose to live my life as a polyamorous woman.

The Desert Manor is my personal oasis in Southern California.  It’s a judgment-free place, for new friends and existing friends to relax and enjoy erotic interludes.
Life has so many wonderful things to offer. The recent years have been challenging for everyone. It’s time for all of us to reconnect and experience the feeling of being alive again. Let’s get together, share laughter, and great conversation and enjoy a bit of escapism.


AGE: Generation X
Curves: 36c, 26, 36 – 91 cm, 66 cm, 91 cm
Height: 5’7”-1.70 meters
Neck to Toe: I’m free from Tattoos, Piercings, Implants
Love Language: Quality Time/Acts of Service
Favorite Drinks: Pellegrino, Prosecco, French Champagne, Super Tucan
Favorite Food: Mediterranean, Indian
Favorite Holiday: Beach



Jet Setter

My life has truly been blessed when it comes to travel. In my previous life as an EU citizen, I lived in Holland, London, and Italy. My work overseas regularly took me throughout the Asia Pacific and the UAE. My sense of adventure has taken me to many other exotic locations worldwide.



While overseas for 23 years, I enjoyed, while single, a polyamorous lifestyle. Being a swinger led me to meet so many fun people. My kinky side grew quite a bit during that period of my life.

My life is an open book. Please, respectfully, ask me anything. Life is a beautiful journey that should be shared. Let’s meet in the near future and create some lasting memories for you.