'A Desert Oasis Of Submission’

Discover a Place that Defines a

New Dimension of Experience


For Dream Escapes

The Desert Manor is a place to escape, if only for an hour. It is a judgement free zone, where anything is possible and your shame may be left at the door upon entering. Mistress Gweneth has been in and out of the lifestyle since her teens. Originally a Master trained submissive, she discovered within herself that dominance comes more naturally.
Discerning Men, Women and Couples are all welcome in The Desert Manor. Mistress Gweneth has dominant and submissive friends who, with some planning, may join in on an experience. Respectful inquiries shall be considered or at least discussed. The Desert Manor has been created as a safe haven to experience erotic fantasies as an individual or as a couple. It’s a gift to yourself away from the judgmental and stresses of your daily world. Overnight residents will be observing a healthy lifestyle while in The Desert Manor. Strictly healthy foods will be served (Unless otherwise discussed). Here is your chance to get in shape while being a pervert. A personal chef, mixologist, tee times and excursions can all be arranged for guests. Costumes and specific equipment may be shipped, prior to your stay, at The Desert Manor. Do you have preferences in wine, bubbly, vodka or whiskey? Let Mistress Gweneth know and they can be preordered before your arrival. Mistress Gweneth wants your experience at The Desert Manor to be a positive memory. She is willing to accommodate you within a realistic manner.

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