" An Oasis of Pleasure"

Your Dream Escape

Welcome to Gweneth Lee’s or Mistress Gweneth’s world of passion, polyamory and kink. Currently based in Palm Desert, California with monthly travels throughout the MidWest of America, and International travels bimonthly. 

We all need ‘me time’ to be happy and successful in our lives, which in the end will give us greater peace.  Often our home lives are only one side of our total person.  We politely place our secret selves away from plain sight to make our daily lives more functional.  Allow me to open that door for you to do some pleasurable release in a safe environment.  

Imagine if you could briefly getaway, or take a mini escape, enjoying a fun interlude where you can freely be your other person.  Visit a place away from life’s stresses.  A mini-vacation from the daily demands, which may have prevented you from allowing your mind and body to refresh as you need and deserve.  

Your journey into my fun world begins with an email or phone call.  Take your first step in connecting to see if our mindsets are compatible.  Hoping to make your acquaintance soon.